Our Top Brand Highlights from 2022

Our Top Brand Highlights from 2022

Hey So Sona Skincare family, 

I really hope you all are well and have had a lovely Christmas. My Christmas has been super busy with lots of family over, lots of food and spending time with my loved ones.

It’s the only way to spend it right?

I wanted to reflect on my 2022 and review some of the highlights for So Sona Skincare because there’s been some good ones.

1. Soap Bar Launch

exfoliating soap bars

Let’s start with the launch of the Gentle exfoliating soap bars and make our skin sweet clean. They have been such a great addition to the skincare line and honestly it only made sense to do this. I needed something to clean my skin as well as moisture it without drying my skin out. I love that it does exactly that with the essential oils in them and the soaps have a rope. The rope makes sense, it really does! You can hang it up somewhere, but most importantly you can hold the soap in your hand without it slipping away… genius I think!

See our full range of Exfoliating soap bars here


2. Our first brand photoshoot

So Sona first brand photoshoot

Next on the agenda was doing my own brand photoshoot. This was an insane experience because it wasn’t just a beauty shoot just showing my face, I wanted to show my arms and legs as I have psoriasis. Remember guys the reason why I started my skincare line was to help my skin and I needed you all to see my skin. Would I have ever shown my skin 6 years back like the way I did on this shoot, hell no! So I’m really proud of myself. Not to mention this was also a celebration shoot as So Sona Skincare was celebrating its 1st Birthday. Having my own brand, my own skincare line was something I would have never ever thought to have or achieved, but I’m so glad I took this step and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


3. Featuring on BBC West Midlands Radio

Now the only way to create psoriasis awareness and brand awareness is by doing things like going on a BBC West Midlands! This was soooo exciting for me. The presenter Natalie made me feel so welcome and really let me talk about psoriasis and my brand to the world. It really was the best feeling ever.


4. Dusk Body Butter Launch

Dusk body butter

So there was once Evergreen, Golden Hour, Blossom. Then came Dusk whipped body butter.

Dusk was created because you all said so. You all wanted a whipped body butter that helps reduce acne and heel. You all wanted a whipped body butter that was nut free. Dusk is the one for you! Yes it’s much lighter and so much more softer but that’s because of all the soft ingredients I put in that jar. It contains activated charcoal which will help to extract any unwanted pimples on your skin. It’s just beautiful!


5. Roots Hair & Scalp Oil Launch

Roots hair and scalp oil

So if I made something for the body, the next thing was to most definitely make a potion for your scalp.

Roots Hair & Scalp Oil was just meant to be and I’ve said this before and I’m going to say this again. I wish I had this hair oil when I was younger. I personally suffered from some more scalp psoriasis. It was bad! I had Hair falling out, I was itching my scalp so bad that my scalp was bleeding and then this led to bold patches. It was some real bad times I went through especially in my teens. This hair oil has all the benefits to heel your scalp as well as soothe it. And img so far the results I have seen form such kind customers have been amazing.


6. Our first exhibition

so sona at first ever exhibition event

I then ended the year exciting attending a beauty exhibition in Coventry for a show called look good live. This was some hard work I put in if I do say so myself. The preparation was intense but then meeting some new people and telling them my psoriasis journey was the best part. It was just so much to be part of.