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Blossom Body & Massage Oil
Hedvig Fabo (Greenwich, GB)
Blossom massage oil

Great absorption doesn’t leave sticky feeling afterwards. Love the smell of it. Subtle but very pleasant.

Evergreen Whipped Body Butter
Helen Lever (Brighton, GB)

Smells good. Texture quite dry and paste-like

Evergreen Whipped Body Butter
A.K. (Blackburn, GB)
Not for me

Didn’t work at all for my psoriasis I mean didn’t even calm it but smells nice

Evergreen Exfoliating Soap Bar
E_Akht (Sutton, GB)
Evergreen Soap bar

Beautiful smell, gentle on the skin, and long lasting. A must have 👏

Body Butter Sample Pack
Rosemary Bennett (Aberdare, GB)
Body Butter and Oil

I've only used the golden hour and blossom body butter so far and I'm loving it ..I'm using the golden hour soap cream and oil on my face and the soap on the rest of my body of course it's so far so good its calmed the Rosacea..I'm hoping to purchase the bundle packs soon of soap body butter and oil they're absolutely beautiful x

Love it

This provides a lovely layer of moisture to my itchy skin!

Very happy with this product

I have very sensitive skin and had no bad reaction to the product it’s very light weight but gives great moisture without being sticky or heavy and smells great, a little goes a long way as well

Blossom Body & Massage Oil
Sharn Nevill (Ealing, GB)
Blossom body and massage oil

This oil is superb! The scent is lovely and sinks into the skin. Another fabulous product from Sona!

Smells and feels wonderful 👏 very happy with this product


I get very dry patches on my scalp not sure if psoriasis so thought I would l give this a try seeing as I've tried just about everything else and yes it's very soothing on the scalp and it's smells divine I think it's a little to early as yet to say it's cleared up the problem but I will keep using this as I do like it

Smells nice again no difference to psoriasis

Smells nice no difference to psoriasis

Dosent get rid of psoriasis however makes hair soft like any other oil wouldn’t but again

Body Butter Sample Pack
Manjeet Chana (Welling, GB)
Body butter samples

I like the smell and texture of the Evergreen whipped body butter and as for the Golden Hour this has a very nice smooth texture I am using this under my eyes as I have fine lines there.
So l really can’t say much as I have only started using the samples hopefully my skin gets healthier looking.

This is the most moisturising cream I have tried on my psoriasis. Gets rid of all the dry, flaky scales and keeps my skin hydrated and less inflamed.

Body Butter Sample Pack
Deborah Bettey (Plymouth, GB)

Thank you Sona for doing all the hard work in producing a luxurious butter cream. I absolutely love the smells and texture of these creams. I thought I would end up with a favourite better cream, but i love them all! My skin feels so soft for hours after using them. Works wonders on dry inflamed patches.

Blossom Exfoliating Soap Bar
Tamara K. (Camden, GB)
Great product

I love the smell and the feel of this soap. The loop on which one can hang the soap bar is very useful. After the initial purchase, I bought more for myself and as a present for others.

Body Butter Bundle
Kelli W (Croydon, GB)
Best body butter I've ever used

I love all 3 flavours of So Sona body butter. I stumbled on her website last Christmas looking for a gift for a friend with severe psoriasis. I have since bought gifts and recommended to several other friends and family, and have started using regularly myself on my eczema. Although not touted as anti-aging, I've also been using on back of hands/décolleté and crow's feet with visible results. Highly recommended!

Absolutely lovely

I am fairly new to SoSona skin care. I was looking for a cream made of natural ingredients.
I tried several makes and SoSona is currently a clear winner. The Blossom body cream is my favourite, such a beautiful smell. I also use the Evergreen cream, especially for its ingredients. I also bought the Evergreen body cream and soap for my nephew suffering from eczema.

Love it

It smells lovely, bought this several times already! .
Friend of mine smelt it and decided to buy one too.

Definitely recommend

smell lovely

the candle smells lovely

Best body butter ever!!!!

I have been suffering from psoriasis a very long time not as long as Sona, but since using Evergreen soap& body butter my skin has calmed down so much even in this hot weather my psoriasis usually flares up this time it hasn’t, the itchiness has stoped which is marvellous 🤩 and no more scratching or bleeding my skin. I have been using what doctors have recommended, including demonologist creams, none worked for me this is the [BEST EVER NATURAL PRODUCT THAT ACTUALLY WORKING FOR ME. I have already purchased more for my Family member who also suffering of psoriasis!! I hope this product continues and maybe 1 day soap ingredients into shower cream to use.

Body Butter Sample Pack
Lara (Peckham, GB)

Really lovely body butters. Fantastic that you do a sample pack so people can try then and see which one they prefer.

Brilliant soap can smell all the oils in the soap doesn’t dry my skin got used to the ingredients. Soap does help with psoriasis, does calm the skin down doesn’t itch as much as before.

Golden Hour Whipped Body Butter
Sandra thomas (Enfield, GB)
Golden hour whipped body butter

Beautifully packaged, great soft consistency, smells amazing and extremely moisturising on my skin. Love it 😊