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The Blossom Whipped Body Butter is an amazing product. I have very sensitive skin and have previously found it a challenge to source natural products without nasties hidden in the ingredients. The Body Butter smells gorgeous and leaves my skin feeling very soft and moisturised. I can't recommend it highly enough. Thank you SO SONA.

Hydrating cream

I was unsure on which cream to select for my eczema. Sona was really helpful and suggested Evergreen whipped body butter. The cream is soft and smooth. The cream is hydrating and soothes my skin. It is not too thick or greasy that causes irritation. I also love that all the ingredients are natural and the product is produced ethically and I am supporting a small business. I would recommend buying this product

Fantastic product

I use every green to help treat my KP, I’m so happy to say it has been helping and has massively reduced bumpy texture on my arms. I’ve had a fab experience with so sona, with brilliant customer service and trusting sona to help me

Lovely body butters locked in with…

Lovely body butters locked in with natural ingredients, I have sensitive/dry skin and I'm eczema prone, they really locked in moisture for 24hrs, skin feels silky and smooth, also love using them after shaving my legs as I have no irritation afterwards. Definitely highly recommend blossom and Evergreen.

I've never been this excited about a cream before

I've only been using the Golden Hour butter for a couple of weeks but I can already see a huge difference its making. My skin is usually very patchy with psoriasis and has flared up quite bad recently. I contact Sona on her website and she was soooo helpful in recommending a body butter, but also how to best use and recommended some small lifestyle changes which honestly has helped me so much.

After the first use of the body butter my skin felt a lof softer and the itching definately went away. After around 1 week the redness started to settle and the patches are slowly fading away. I can see my skin is evening out too.

I've never been this excited about a cream before because everything I've tried hasn't really worked. But this body butter is definately working and I'm so happy with it. Thank you Sona and I wish you the best of success for your business!!!

I’ve used a number of creams from…

I’ve used a number of creams from SoSona and they smelt great and are non-greasy. I really like the Golden Hour range and would recommend that as unlike most creams, the fragrance remains through the day. Really impressed!

One of best natural ingredients creams

One of best natural ingredients creams I have used and I was move the moon with the results. I would highly recommend for anyone to use these products.

Evergreen Whipped Body Butter
Tribhovan Jotangia
Greatly soothing cream

Greatly soothing cream stopped the itching I used to get on lichen planus patch .

Not one bad thing I could say really

Not one bad thing I could say really, Amazing quality for the price and will definitely buying more once the ones I have has finished. From the packaging to the colour, smell and texture sosona skin is truly outstanding does what it says.

Natural body butters!

Love the amazing body butters. Been trying the evergreen and love the smooth feeling it leaves. Tried the blossom on my son and love how smooth his skin feels after. Love that the ingredients are natural as my skin is very sensitive. Defo be buying more!

The only natural ingredient moisturiser you’ll need

I used The Golden Hour cream for my dry hands and feet and it was absolutely amazing. Knowing that these products are made from natural ingredients and smell so good, will keep me coming back for more. Thanks so much for such a great product which I will tell everyone about.


I didn’t even know what to expect from this but it smells DIVINE. You can smell the turmeric but its so subtle, and the orange and rose smells go so well. Please start making bigger jars I can’t see this lasting very long.

Just WOW!

This body butter is quite frankly amazing! It sinks in quickly and has left my skin nourished and glowing. The smell is subtle but is very relaxing. I would say this one is better to use at night and helps to relax you. Would definately recommend.

Lovely body butter

I was recommended this body butter by a friend because of my eczema flare ups. I didn't think it would work as well as it has! After 1 week of use I can clearly see my patches dissapearing and the itchyness has stopped.