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Exactly What You Expect

Gorgeous product without a doubt and lovely smell. Happy I decided to give your company a try!

Dusk Whipped Body Butter

Another triumph, Sona! A beautiful aroma, and the butter melts into the skin. I love them all!

Body Butter Sample Pack
Marina Lopez (London, GB)

I have been trying a lot of different things to calm my eczema but nothing work 100%

I ordered the simple pack to give it a go and I now I'm in love with So Sona! The smell of the 3 body butters is amazing. I used Evergreen for my eczema and in a couple of days it less red and less itchy. When I feel it's itchy again I just need to apply a bit of evergreen and it calms my skin withim a couple of minutes.

I used Golden Hour on my skin as moisturizer and I love how my skin feels. I have acne prone sking and it did not cause any breakout.

I just ordered the pack of the 3 body butters as they are fantastic. Thank you So Sona!

Evergreen Whipped Body Butter
Patrycja (Glasgow, GB)

The product is so easy to put on, just like butter. It smells refreshing and hydrates skin well. The bonus is that it is made from natural ingredients.

Evergreen Whipped Body Butter
Daksha Ravrani (Birmingham, GB)
5 star

Absolutely beautiful so happy with this product!! My skin feels so amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great gift

I brought this for someone as a gift and they really liked it. The presentation was lovely and the products looked great. Great communication with seller will buy again.

Evergreen Whipped Body Butter
Sharn Nevill (Crowthorne, GB)
Evergreen Body butter

Another lovely product from So Sona. I love the fragrance, texture and the soothing effect it has on my skin. All the body butters are exceptional.

Evergreen Exfoliating Soap Bar
REENA KUMAR (Southall, GB)
Evergreen exfoliating soap bar

Hi Sona

Its only been a week since I've been using the exfoliating soap, but so far it feels so soothing on the skin and refreshing at the same time too. it smells amazing ! I will continue to use to till the end of product and keep you updated.


Evergreen Whipped Body Butter
Emily Hardman (Bolton, GB)
Great Body Butter

Smells so good and perfect for my dry skin x

Golden Hour Whipped Body Butter
Cherneese Gillespie (Selby, GB)

The smell is just absolutely gorgeous, I'm addicted to it! It is a little thick so it does give my arms a workout rubbing it in but it definitely doesn't stop me buying again! Great product

Blossom Whipped Body Butter
precious (Leeds, GB)
Best moisturiser

The best moisturiser I have ever used. I highly recommend 👌
purchasing more

Body Butter Bundle
Alice Anelli (Notting Hill Gate, GB)
Whipped body butters/ the best

Honestly the best ever tried. The texture, the scent , the colour
Everything is so well balanced and they work!!! My skin is supple and hydrated.
Will buy gin for sure 👌

Exfoliating Soap Bar Bundle
Shan33 (Birmingham, GB)
They smell amazing!

I bought the pack of 3 because I wanted to try them all, no surprise golden hour is my fave so far, the soaps are super moisturizing, leaving the skin soft and the smell is so good, highly recommend.

Evergreen Whipped Body Butter
Anna Hardmon (Brockport, US)
Smells amazing!!

I absolutely love this buttery blend! The scent is so organic and lasts all day long! It makes your skin feel like silk! I love it!!

Blossom Exfoliating Soap Bar
Sharn Nevill (Bracknell, GB)
Blossom Exfoliating Soap Bar

I love this soap on a rope. The scent is wonderful, and it leaves my skin soft.

Golden Hour Whipped Body Butter
S K CHAGGAR (Birmingham, GB)
Brilliant Body Butters.

I purchased the set of 3 body butters some months ago because I wanted rich nourishing creams not for any specific skin condition but just because I love rich moisturisers. These body butters did not disappoint.
They feel so luxurious & are so moisturising that the effect lasts well into the next day. The creams are a little grainy but you get used to that. The fragrances are lovely.
I do have sensitive skin but these body butters have not caused any issues.
The fact that clean, simple ingredients are used, & the butters are made with care, attention without testing on animals is important as well as the fact that it’s a U.K. based, woman owned business.
The only thing I’d ask for is for the butters to come in larger sized pots.

Evergreen Whipped Body Butter
P. Howard (Hackney, GB)
Divine Evergreen body butter!!

Firstly, thank you Sona for your advice on which body butter to use on my dry skin. It's been a week now since using this evergreen butter and it is divine!!!! It made my skin feel wonderfully moisturised and smelling lovely with much hydration. Upon first using it, a little while later especially on my legs, I thought "oh, it doesn't look like I creamed my legs". (This is because it didn't have the shine as other creams or body butters do). But to my complete suprised, as I opened the jar to take out a bit of the butter, I decieded to feel my legs and they felt super soft and well moisturised indeed, they didn't feel thirsty. Well that made me put the jar away quickly, adding extra was not needed. A little goes a long way. This is high end body butter here. It's so good I brought even the Blossom Whipped and Golden Hour with the soap because I want to try the whole range. Oh yes... my skin isn't dry anymore, the evergreen took care of that right away literally. Thank you and God bless you So Sona, your doing a great job with this range. Don't stop!! I keep feeling my hands because of how soft they feel.

Evergreen Exfoliating Soap Bar
P. Howard (Hackney, GB)

I got this last week and it is fantastic to say the least. With its exfoliating properties in it, it really made my skin feel super clean without the dryness which you can get from soaps. It felt like the soap had moisturizing properties in to as my skin felt so nourished and soft and aftet using it and it smelled divine to both during and after using it. Then with the evergreen body butter...WOW!!! Thank you so sona.

Blossom Whipped Body Butter
Linda Jones (Halifax, GB)
Lovely Cream

Fast delivery :) The cream itself smells lovely and left my hands feeling very soft. Thanks :)

Golden Hour Whipped Body Butter
Stacey (Devizes, GB)
Absolutely amazing product

Would give more stars if I could!! Smells amazing and left my skin feeling so soft it’s unreal!! 10/10 product buy it you won’t regret it!!

Golden Hour Exfoliating Soap Bar
Sukhi N (Birmingham, GB)
A must have

The soap is a must have. I can't explain how amazing this product is. It litterally leaves your skin hydrated and glowing as well as fully nourished.

Body Butter Sample Pack
Felistas Muskwe (Manchester, GB)

I purchased some samples to test on which one to use, they are all amazing. I tried them together with my daughter she is 12 and she love them too. I am super oily sensitive skin and my daughter is the opposite, she has a very dry skin. She fell in love with Evergreen body butter. She asked me to purchase this cream for her as she nolonger want to use anything else apart from that. She said her skin feels so soft and moisturised through out the day. I love Golden hour. I thought since l have an excessive oily skin on my face its going to be even more oily on my face, but no it melts in the skin leaving a velvet soft glowing skin. I love it. Looking forward to purchase more creams for myself and my daughter. Thank you So Sona xx

Golden Hour Whipped Body Butter
Bo Mendoza (Milpitas, US)
Skin so soft

This has helped my eczema calm down so much, especially during this cold and dry weather! I use this everyday to help keep my skin hydrated. Smells good as well and doesn’t irritate my skin. A little goes a long way. Hopefully one day they’ll make bigger sizes I use this on my whole body and, I’m ordering from California 😅 will keep buying regardless!

Golden Hour Healing Aromatherapy Candle
Newsletter Subscriber (Stockton-on-Tees, GB)
Gorgeous candle

I bought the candle as a gift for a friend's forthcoming birthday. It's a beautifully made candle and it smells absolutely divine.

Blossom Whipped Body Butter
R.K. (Croydon, GB)

I’ve only been using it for a few days on myself and my little one and already see a huge difference, my son has dry patches of eczema on his arms and legs and it’s already starting to fade and I’ve always had dry knees now they feel super smooth after just a few uses.
Really want to try the other butters in the collection now