Sustainability at So Sona Skincare

In an ever-evolving world, So Sona Skincare stands as a beacon of unwavering commitment to nature. We don't just draw inspiration from Earth's elements for healthier skin; we strive to ensure its pristine beauty endures for generations.

Inspired by Nature

At the heart of So Sona Skincare lies a passion deeply rooted in the wonders of nature. Each product name, be it 'Blossom' or 'Golden Hour', paints a picture of nature's raw and untamed beauty. But our tribute to nature isn't confined to product names. Our mission is to mirror the nurturing, giving, and cyclical rhythm of the environment in all that we do.

Glass over plastic

Glass encapsulates purity, recyclability, and a touch of luxury. It’s a material that aligns seamlessly with our brand's ethos. Wherever possibly, we choose to package our products in glass containers. By choosing glass, So Sona Skincare underscores a dedication to an eco-friendly luxury that doesn't compromise on quality or our planet's wellbeing. 

In certain products, glass may not be the best solution. In which case we would use recyclable plastic and we always include recycling instructions on the packaging.

Reuse and Recycle

Our commitment to Mother Earth goes beyond skincare formulations. Each bottle and jar, designed with elegance, beckons for a second life. Whether it's a new abode for your succulents or a chic storage solution, our packaging can be up-cycled in many ways to stay away from landfills.

What about packaging and shipping?

Taking packaging innovation a step further, our packing peanuts stand as a testament to eco-conscious thinking. They dissolve seamlessly, ensuring no trace is left behind, in harmony with nature’s principle of leaving no footprint. Whilst our shipping boxes can be recycled as they are.

Delivering your favourite So Sona Skincare products shouldn't come at Earth's expense. Relying on Statista's research, our partnership with Royal Mail is a conscious effort to ensure our products reach you with the least carbon footprint, making each parcel a parcel of promise for a greener future.

Our Ingredient Promise

Harvesting nature's treasures requires reverence. Each ingredient in our formulations is a result of ethical sourcing, ensuring we borrow from nature without depleting it. From calming chamomile to rejuvenating lavender, our ingredients not only soothe your skin but also reflect a commitment to Earth’s well-being.


So Sona Skincare isn't just about skincare; it's a tribute to nature's brilliance. With every product, package, and principle, we aim to weave a tapestry of sustainability, ensuring that while you nurture your skin, together, we nurture the planet.