Our Story

So Sona Skincare is all about
being true to your skin...

Endless amounts of experimentation with skincare led Sona to establish a brand that not only reflected her personal journey with psoriasis but also the creation of an all natural formula. Sona finally found her winning recipe, however she wanted to share this with others to help them feel confident and be true to their skin.

The beginning…

At an early age Sona did her fair bit of experimentation with both highstreet and luxury brands that were aimed at helping her psoriasis, however these brands were formulated with chemical ingredients; doing more harm than good.

sona making skincare products with natural ingredients

It all started with a conversation…

In the back of her mind Sona always wanted to create her own brand however, she never quite knew how to go about this and where to start. She knew tackling psoriasis was her main aim as it was a topic that lacked awareness.

It all started with a conversation with her husband. They discussed the different ways in which Sona could create a brand that could help her psoriasis and then later help others facing the same skin concerns. This motivation pushed Sona to research all natural ingredients, whilst spending late nights creating batches of butter and finding ways to improve the brand and formula.

Now here we are…

After long hours of research, experimenting and formulating, Sona finally made an all natural product that has helped herself and others with psoriasis alongside other skincare issues. 

Not only has Sona created a platform for others to speak about their skincare concerns but she created more awareness of the topic from social media discussions to being on a podcast show.

Now here we are...a creamy, whipped formula piped in a frosty jar and carefully placed in a soft, patterned, So Sona package - ready for you.

Vegan friendly skincare
All natural ingredients
Paraben free
Made in Britain
Cruelty-free skincare