Skin Care Gift Sets

Our skin care gift sets are specially designed to be gifted to those with sensitive skin and skin conditions. Each set contains a range of our highly rated products, beautifully packaged in our signature white snap shut gift box.

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FAQs about Skin Care Gift Sets

Can you customise the gift set?
Yes we can do our best to accommodate your requirements. We can switch out or add products to your gift set. Just send us a message letting us know what you'd like and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Why are skin care gift sets a great choice for people with sensitive skin?
Skin care gift sets are an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin because they offer a curated selection of products specifically designed to be gentle and soothing. These sets typically include products free from harsh chemicals and irritants, ensuring they are kind to sensitive skin while still providing effective skincare benefits.

What makes the ingredients in your gift sets suitable for sensitive skin?
The ingredients in our gift sets are carefully selected for their gentle and nourishing properties. We prioritize natural, hypoallergenic components that are known for their soothing effects. This means our gift sets are free from common irritants and are enriched with ingredients like natural oils and botanical extracts that are ideal for sensitive skin care.

What benefits do your skin care gift sets offer for sensitive skin compared to regular products?
Our skin care gift sets offer numerous benefits for sensitive skin compared to regular products. They are formulated to avoid common irritants, reducing the risk of skin reactions. Additionally, they often contain ingredients that help to strengthen the skin barrier, reduce inflammation, and provide intense hydration, which are crucial for maintaining the health and comfort of sensitive skin.

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All natural ingredients
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