What's in our Golden Hour Body Butter

What's in our Golden Hour Body Butter

With a soft pastel yellow colour, luxurious texture, and high end packaging, there’s lots to love about our natural Golden Hour Whipped Body Butter - and that’s before you even take the lid off and indulge in your first scoop.

With a blend of natural ingredients each carefully selected for its individual properties and advantages that support healthy and soft skin, the Golden Hour body butter is a year-round skincare solution suitable for all skin types - and in this blog we’re going to uncover why.

What goes into our Golden Hour body butter?

With a non-greasy and silky texture which leaves your skin smooth without any residual sticky product, the golden hour body butter is suitable for external use all over your body - and is already being heralded by customers as one of the best solutions on the market for achieving soft and silky skin, with an appealing aroma and an ability to tone down and soothe itchy and irritating patches of skin.

So, what goes into it?

rose hip seed oil for skin

Rose Hip Oil

Recorded on our ingredients list as Rosa Canina Oil, this ingredient delivers skin toning benefits - helping to even out your skin tone while reducing the appearance of both fine lines and dark spots. On top of these surface-level benefits, rose hip oil is also a crucial ingredient in delivering and locking moisture into the skin - enhancing the skin’s hydration and giving it the soft and supple texture and appearance that we so often associate with youth and health.

Carrot Tissue Oil

Did you know that carrots aren’t just known for helping us to see in the dark? In fact, when carrots are cold-pressed to release the oil, the resulting product is so rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids that it becomes an instant rejuvenator for skin - improving the health of the skin as well as enhancing its supple and soft appearance.

In our Golden Hour body butter, carrot oil is an essential ingredient linked to the moisturisation of the skin, evening its texture and tightening its structure to help combat the effect of wrinkles. Finally, carrot tissue oil becomes a lubricant on the surface of the skin - creating a protective layer for restoring lost hydration and moisture without ever leaving a sticking or greasy substance on the skin.

turmeric powder for skin conditions

Turmeric Oil

Turmeric face cream's and body creams are all the rage these days, and rightly so. Aside from being an integral factor in giving our Golden Hour Body Butter its rich and warm yellow aesthetic, turmeric oil is included in the ingredients list for its link to promoting clear and smooth skin - with the wonder product often linked to products which treat and cure dermatological conditions such as acne and dermatitis.

Turmeric can also remove dead skin cells and protect the skin from further damage - leaving you with a natural glow which is long lasting and photo-ready. 

Sweet Orange Oil

Colour and scent are derived from sweet orange oil, which is listed on our product list as Citrus Sinensis Oil and delivers an energetic aroma within the body butter which compliments the delicate floral tones of the Geranium. In its most basic sense, the energetic aroma of sweet orange oil cuts through the dull skin that you may find yourself left with when you’re tired - rejuvenating the skin with energy and brightness - all without irritating the skin.

coconut oil for psoriasis

Coconut Oil

Listed on our ingredients list as Caprylic Capric Triglyceride Oil, the addition of coconut oil as a carrier product enhances the silkiness of the product and makes it a pleasure to use on a daily basis - while also nurturing even the most sensitive and dry of skin. With no obvious odour or colour, coconut oil is very much a background ingredient in our body butter.

Almond Wax

Recognised for its ability to restore and replenish dry skin, the almond wax in our Golden Hour body butter is what makes it such an effective product all year round - fighting the dry skin of winter and moisturising and soothing skin which has spent time in the sun during the summer months. On top of the benefits that almond wax has for skin, it is also worth noting that almond wax is an excellent alternative to beeswax and allows the body butter to be classified as vegan.


With such a large following, our Golden Hour Body Butter is popular not only for the string of benefits which come from the ingredient list, but also for its silky, soft, and soothing texture which makes it a pleasure to use as part of the daily skincare routine. With the ingredients all whipped together to create a well-balanced and luxurious product, our Golden Hour body butter is natural and simple - using only products that you know and recognise as part of the recipe.

Here’s a quick summary of our top ingredients and their key benefits:

  • Rose Hip Oil: a natural exfoliator which prevents dullness and locks hydration into the skin
  • Carrot Tissue Oil: moisturising and rejuvenating the skin
  • Turmeric Oil: promoting clear skin which is free from acne, wrinkles, and imperfections
  • Sweet Orange Oil: great for sensitive skin, with a delectable aroma
  • Coconut Oil: enhancing the silky texture of the body butter
  • Almond Wax: a vegan alternative to beeswax which restores and replenishes dry skin

Whether you suffer from dry skin, skin irritation, dermatological issues, or simply want a new luxurious and high quality product to include as part of your skincare routine, the Golden Hour body butter is the epitome of luxury here at So Sona Skincare - with endless customers sharing their experiences of using the body butter on our website.

For more information and to get your hands on your very own jar of powerhouse ingredients, check out our Golden Hour Whipped Body.