Roots natural scalp oil product launch

Introducing Roots Hair & Scalp Oil

You all have been so supportive throughout my journey and with every new product I have launched. One of the questions I get asked the most about is if we have something suitable to use on the hair and scalp for conditions like scalp psoriasis and alopecia. So I am so happy to introduce Roots Hair & Scalp Oil.

Let me just give you a little backstory of why I created this hair oil.

Why I created Roots

When I was in my teens not only did I have psoriasis all over my body I had it in my scalp as well and behind my ears. Now having psoriasis all over my body would be covered up with the clothes I would wear so nobody can see it, but having it in my scalp was a whole different hardship for me.

During the night my scalp would be so itchy that I would see blood in my fingernails in the morning. I would rip my hair out because of how thick the psoriasis would be and how itchy it was, which then led to bald patches on my scalp.

It was definitely so hard going through that phase in my life to just get such negative remarks from kids at school and sometimes friends and family.

If only I had this hair and scalp oil then.

Since launching So Sona Skincare, the question I get asked the most is if I have something suitable for scalp psoriasis. And although my body butters can be used on the scalp, I wanted to make an oil that could be easily applied to really treat the scalp first.

After undergoing months of formulating, trials and testing on myself, Roots was born.

There are eight different oils in this bottle that all have been researched thoroughly to make sure that the ingredients help with scalp psoriasis or any scalp issues as well as help encourage hair growth. The three top ingredients in this serum are Amla oil, Cucumber oil and Hemp Seed oil.

A blend of natural ingredients to heal and nourish

Roots hair and scalp oil

Amla oil, used for hundreds of years in ayurvedic treatments, helps increase hair health and boost hair growth. It greatly contributes to cellular regeneration and promotes healthy circulation to the blood vessels in the scalp.

Cucumber oil helps treat dry skin and diseases like psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema of the scalp. It contains a high amount of oleic acid and linoleic acid which is effective at soothing dry, damaged skin and hair. Cucumber oil has been proven to reduce inflammation on the scalp and skin, as well as reducing irritation and redness.

Hemp Seed oil is made up of almost entirely of essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6, which are essential for healthy moisturised hair and scalp. It helps to reduce dryness and strengthen the skin, making it more resistant to bacterial, fungal infections. Whilst also calming the skin and scalp which significantly helps for an aggravated scalp.

before and after using scalp serum showing psoriasis has reduced

As always I am my own guinea pig for my skincare range and the results have just been great. The before and after just goes to show that natural skincare can be heeled and to trust the process. I really hope this oil helps you like it has helped me.