evergreen body butter ingredients

Introducing Evergreen's Superfood Ingredients for Your Skin

From treating dry skin during the winter months, to keeping your skin supple and soft during the summer, giving your skin a little TLC is an important but often overlooked part of ongoing body maintenance. Far too often we see consumers reaching for products they recognise, or those which are priced well with the highest value, without ever really considering what is in those products.

Until now.

Our Evergreen Body Butter is one of our most popular skincare products, suitable for use across the whole body and providing even the driest skin with nourishment and a replenishing boundary across the surface of the skin.

Containing a selection of natural ingredients, whipped together into a non-sticky and non-greasy butter formula, this body butter boasts a luxurious texture and a soft aroma which makes it a daily treat for all your senses. Keep reading for a breakdown of all the key ingredients inside our Evergreen body butter, and an exploration of their value and benefits to your skin.

What goes into our Evergreen Body Butter?

A blend of natural ingredients, luxurious scented oils, and soft exfoliators come together to form a light whipped texture, complete with a soft green colour palette which celebrates the natural properties of the butter.

Avocado Oil

Listed in the ingredients as Persea Gratissima Oil, this ingredient is derived from the avocado, extracted via the process of pressing dehydrated avocado slices.

The resulting oil is packed full of vitamin E and fatty acids, perfect for nourishing the skin and soothing particularly dry and flaky skin. The natural antioxidants from the avocado carry through into the oil, which helps to protect the skin from environmental aggressors and toxins in the air - such as UV and pollution - through the formation of an additional protective layer across the skin’s surface.

This ingredient is one that those who suffer from very dry skin should particularly look out for, as avocado oil has a high impact on the suppleness and texture of dry skin - which is why our avocado body butter is one of our best selling products!

Broccoli Oil

Listed on the Evergreen body butter packaging as Brassica Oleracea Oil, broccoli is an underrated but beneficial ingredient in skincare products - not only because it is high in those fatty acids which improve the softness and texture of your skin, but also because all of the beneficial properties of the oil are easily absorbed into the skin. What this means is that you are more likely to reap the benefits of our body butter quickly and effectively.

Broccoli oil is also recognised as an anti-inflammatory ingredient, which makes it the perfect addition for those who suffer from redness and irritation after shaving and time in the sun.

Oat Oil

Oil derived from oat kernels, listed on our ingredients list as Avena Sativa Oil, forms a part of the natural exfoliator within our body butter - helping aid the removal of dead skin cells while reinstating the protective barrier layer atop the surface of the skin.

Oat oil is often associated with anti-aging, and while our body butter is not necessarily a product that’s used as a facial moisturiser, we do tend to find that the oat oil helps to reverse the impact of damage to your skin caused by years’ worth of UV rays, pollution, and environmental chemicals.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Selected for its soft and relaxing scent, and for its ability to eliminate redness and irritation in the skin, chamomile oil has been added to our body butter to enhance the characteristic luxurious aroma and texture, and to soothe the skin while promoting the presentation of healthy and supple skin.

One of the best things about chamomile oil is the way it offers long term benefits for the skin as well as combatting dry skin and irritation instantly - making it a must-have for your skincare routine.

Coconut Oil

Listed on our ingredients list as Caprylic Capric Triglyceride Oil, the addition of coconut oil to the body butter enhances the silkiness of the product and makes it a pleasure to use on a daily basis - while also nurturing even the most sensitive and dry of skin. With no obvious odour or colour, coconut oil is very much a background ingredient in our body butter.

rose hip seed oil

Rose Hip Oil

A moisturiser which locks natural hydration into the skin, rose hip oil is added to our Evergreen body butter as a key ingredient for hydration and giving the skin that naturally soft and dewy appearance that is so coveted all year round.

Other benefits of rose hip oil include its ability to boost the production of collagen in the skin (important for anti-aging), its natural exfoliating properties which help to reduce dullness in the skin, and its ability to protect against sun damage.


Every ingredient in our Evergreen Body Butter is carefully chosen for its benefits and the advantages it presents to even the driest of skin. Not only that, but the way our ingredients are whipped together provides the body butter with a soft and silky texture - without leaving your skin feeling greasy or sticky - and is contained within our luxurious and sustainable packaging.

Here’s a quick summary of our top ingredients and their key benefits:

  • Avocado Oil: nourishing, aiding the addition of a protective barrier to the skin
  • Broccoli Oil: easily absorbed, refreshing and adding a soft and supple finish to the skin
  • Oat Oil: a natural exfoliator with anti-aging properties
  • Chamomile Oil: soothes irritation and enhances the relaxing scent of the body butter
  • Coconut Oil: enhancing the silky texture of the body butter
  • Rose Hip Oil: a natural exfoliator which prevents dullness and locks hydration into the skin

If you suffer from dry skin all year round or are looking for a new and luxurious product to add to your skincare routine, our Evergreen body butter is available now on our website.