woman doing body butter patch test on hand

How to Do a Patch Test: The So Sona Way

Welcome to our world of conscious skin care!

Today, we're diving into the exciting world of patch testing. Yes, you heard it right – exciting! Because nothing screams 'adventure' like ensuring your skin and hair are as happy as you are with our Body Butters and Hair Oils. Our products are crafted with love and care, and we want to ensure they suit you perfectly!

Why Do a Patch Test? It’s Like a Personalised Handshake!

Our Body Butters and Hair Oils are made with the highest quality ingredients, designed to be gentle and nurturing. But just like people, every skin and hair type is unique. A patch test is a quick hello between our product and your skin or hair, ensuring they're going to get along fabulously.

 testing body butter on skin

Who Should Do a Patch Test? Spoiler: Everyone!

Everyone can benefit from a patch test – it's an extra step for peace of mind. Whether you're a first-time user or a long-time fan, it's always a good idea to introduce your skin and hair to new products gently. It’s not just for sensitive types; it’s for everyone who values personalised care!

What to Look Out For: It’s All About Compatibility!

Here’s how you can play matchmaker. Apply a small amount of the Body Butter or Hair Oil to a discreet area, like behind the ear or the inside of the wrist. These spots are perfect for testing how the product vibes with you.

Wait about 24 hours. This is your skin or hair saying, “Let me think about it.” If there's no reaction, it's a match! Your skin or hair is basically giving a thumbs up to a new, caring relationship.

Patch Test: Body Butter Bliss

For our Body Butters, dab a little on your inner wrist. It’s a tender area that will show you how well the butter will pamper the rest of your body. If your skin loves it, get ready for a smooth, nourishing experience.

Patch Test: Hair Oil Harmony

When it comes to our Hair Oils, try a small amount near your scalp, at the back of your neck. It’s like a first whisper to your hair, promising nourishment and care. If your scalp and hair are happy, you’re all set for a beautiful, healthy hair journey.

Discover Your Favourite Body Butter with our Sample Pack

Eager to find your perfect Body Butter match but not sure where to start?

We’ve got you covered! Introducing our delightful Body Butter Sample Pack. This pack is your ticket to exploring all our sumptuous options in the most convenient and skin-friendly way possible.

Each pack contains petite samples of our entire Body Butter range. It's just the right amount for patch tests and a few applications – the perfect way to introduce your skin to our lovingly crafted formulas. 

This approach isn't just practical; it's a journey of discovery. You’re not just buying a product; you’re embarking on an adventure to uncover what truly resonates with your skin. And the best part? You can do it from the comfort of your home, one delightful sample at a time.

To Wrap It Up: It's About Knowing You Better!

Patch testing is a smart step in any self-care routine. It's not about expecting issues; it's about embracing a tailored approach to beauty and wellness. Our Body Butters and Hair Oils are here to bring joy and care into your life, and a simple patch test ensures that joy is fully aligned with your unique needs.

Remember, every relationship with a skincare or haircare product is personal. With a patch test, you're setting the stage for a beautiful connection. Here’s to finding your perfect match in our product line! Stay radiant, stay confident, and enjoy the journey of personalised care.