How Important is Mental Health When it Comes to Controlling Psoriasis?

How Important is Mental Health When it Comes to Controlling Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is linked with rampant mental health conditions like Depression and Anxiety that have gripped young people in a vicious cycle. When coupled with these mental health conditions, the effects of a chronic illness like psoriasis is amplified on your health. This is the main reason why you need to prioritise your mental health as a psoriasis patient.

Identifying the onset of mental health effects

The psychological effects of psoriasis are very apparent and evident but its tough to catch the onset of mental health conditions that stem from Psoriasis. In fact, it all starts when managing your emotions becomes a challenging task. Irrespective of your gender or your lifestyle, managing erratic emotions is not for the faint of heart.

Since Psoriasis is a chronic and possibly a lifelong disease, its important to stay happy and healthy because you can’t manage the disease while you have to fight off negative emotions.

The scientific link between Psoriasis and Depression

The undeniable connection between Psoriasis and mental health needs to be addressed at the earliest, both for Psoriasis patients starting out on their recovery journey as well as for the people influencing his/her life.

People with psoriasis are twice as likely to be depressed. Even if your symptoms are mild, you still have a high risk of being diagnosed with depression. In fact, there is scientific evidence to suggest that Psoriasis affects your brain chemicals and affects your mood. The same process in your body that forms plaques on your skin alters the chemicals in your brain and fluctuates your mood.

Stress and Psoriasis

Life with Psoriasis is not a regular one and stress shouldn’t slowly kill you like poison. The only way to take on the stress head-on is to develop self-taught stress management skills.

When you start to feel like keeping the symptoms at bay is impossible, that’s when you need to take ownership for stress management. Especially when Psoriasis is intertwined with your everyday life and a busy schedule, the stress is a major drawback if you have a lot on your plate.

Take Expert Help

Your mental well-being needs to be on equal footing with your psoriasis treatment. The most important step you need to take while seeking help is to understand and accept the fact that you are the bigger person over the disease. And to believe that it's possible to take charge of your health and wellness.

Throughout your journey of prioritising your mental health, the role of both your mental health provider as well as your skin care provider is of utmost importance. They will be your guiding channels through which you can take ownership of your own well-being.

Balance your mental and physical health

As a psoriasis patient, there needs to be a shift, a subtle yet impactful shift away from the skin related symptoms and towards the mental effects. When there’s a balance between both the aspects, your mental health will receive as much priority as your skin health and your physical appearance. That’s when you can stay healthy, happy, and live a life of productivity, joy, and everything else in between.

Your self-esteem needs regular boosts

The next biggest challenge is keeping your self-esteem intact. The self-esteem of psoriasis patients takes hits everyday if there’s no guidance and support, or if you don’t have the internal strength to deal with the stress. Your self-esteem needs regular uplifting to overcome the everyday hurdles.

When your emotions go through a storm, your self-esteem gets impacted in big ways which can lead to social anxiety, self-isolation, and withdrawal from everything you enjoy in life.

The intense focus on your physical appearance can be very damning to your self-esteem. As individuals, we are much more than our physical appearance, but the disease repeatedly reinforces the fact that our physical appearance holds higher ground over other aspects of our life.

Prioritise self-care

Self-care needs to become an indispensable part of our daily lives. It starts with taking responsibility for our own health and well-being and taking the support of people who are with you in your journey. Keep those people beside you who are supportive, have something constructive to contribute and those who understand your struggle with the disease. Self-advocacy is important when it comes to managing Psoriasis which goes to show that its more than just a skin condition. You don’t want it to wreak havoc on your emotional wellbeing.


When Psoriasis is a part of your life, self-awareness and self-care are the key to managing your emotions. Remind yourself to take life one day at a time, keep having fun, and do everything that you enjoy, like a hobby, or something you’re passionate about. Along your wellness journey, incorporate beauty, health and wellness routines like utilising soothing body butters and Psoriasis relief products that make you more comfortable in your skin. Click here to find out more.