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Fastest Way to Cool Psoriasis & Eczema in Hot Weather

Summer in the UK can be unpredictably scorching. While this might be a delight for many, those with psoriasis and eczema might find themselves itching more than usual. Why? Let's deep dive into it.

Why Heat Affects Psoriasis and Eczema

The body’s response to heat is sweating, which might sound harmless. However, sweat can act as an irritant, especially when it gets trapped between the skin and clothing. Furthermore, the summer heat can lead to faster evaporation of the skin's natural moisture, making it more prone to dryness and flaking.

The natural ingredients in skincare products can be lifesavers here. Ingredients like chamomile, lavender, and patchouli are not just fancy words on the product labels. Chamomile boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, perfect for calming the skin. Lavender is famous for its soothing and anti-inflammatory characteristics, while patchouli aids in the regeneration of skin cells, helping heal scars and cuts.

woman itching psoriasis in the heat

Effective Tips to Calm Your Skin in the Heat

Stay Hydrated

We all love a good cuppa, but remember, during hot days, increasing your water intake can reflect positively on your skin. Hydrated skin equals happy skin!

Choose Breathable Clothing

Natural fabrics like cotton can be like a mini spa retreat for your skin. They're gentle, airy, and breathable. Ditch those synthetic materials that can cause more irritation and heat.

Take Cool Showers (and Exfoliate!)

A cool shower can feel heavenly, especially when paired with our exfoliating soap bars. These soaps contain ingredients that help cool the skin down, such as peppermint and aloe vera. Peppermint provides a natural cooling sensation, and aloe vera is known for its soothing and hydrating properties. As a bonus, the gentle exfoliation can remove sweat residues and prevent clogging of pores.

Moisturise Religiously

Regularly moisturising is vital. But here's a little secret: place your body butter in the fridge before using. This cool trick (pun intended) offers relief to inflamed skin.

Sona's Tip: Speaking of moisturising, here's a quirky little trick I swear by. Pop your body butter in the fridge for a bit before using. When you apply, it feels like a mini Arctic breeze on your skin! Try it with our soothing body butter available here.

Stay in the Shade and Use Sunscreen

Avoid direct sun exposure during peak hours. When you do head out, our sunscreens, enriched with zinc oxide, act as a physical barrier, reflecting harmful UV rays and keeping irritations at bay.

Keep the Air Cool

Maintaining optimal room temperature isn’t just about comfort. It’s about creating an environment where your skin doesn’t have to constantly adapt to temperature changes, reducing the chances of flare-ups.

Limit Exposure to Chlorinated Pools

If you're a water baby, remember to shower immediately after a swim. Chlorine can be abrasive on sensitive skin. And once again, moisturise!

Stay Stress-Free (and Light Up)

Our Aromatherapy candles are a treasure trove of tranquility. Their scents, derived from essential oils like lavender and chamomile, not only fill your room with a delightful fragrance but also provide a calming ambiance.

using body butter to cool psoriasis in summer

FAQs About Psoriasis, Eczema, and Summer

  • Is cold air good for psoriasis?
    Cold air, in moderation, can be soothing. However, extreme cold can dry out the skin. Always moisturise!

  • Why does my psoriasis get worse in summer?
    Increased sweating and heat can exacerbate symptoms. It's crucial to adapt your skincare routine during these months.

  • Is sweating good for psoriasis?
    Sweating, in essence, is the body's way of cooling down. However, for psoriasis sufferers, trapped sweat can act as an irritant.

  • Is sunshine good for psoriasis?
    In moderation, yes. UV rays can reduce skin inflammation, but always remember to protect your skin with sunscreen.

Hot British summers need not be a bother for your skin. With the right care and a bit of pampering, your skin can breathe and glow, even in the heat!