A Year to Remember: Our Joyful Journey Through 2023

A Year to Remember: Our Joyful Journey Through 2023

Hello Beautiful Souls!

As the founder of So Sona Skincare, I’m beaming with excitement (and a bit of exhaustion) to share our whirlwind of a year with you. 2023 wasn’t just another year; it was like a rollercoaster that only went up (thankfully, no scary drops)!

1. The Podcast That Started It All

Asian Network Every Day Hustle

Remember how I was waddling around, heavily pregnant, and still decided to strut into the BBC headquarters? Yep, I was on the BBC Asian Network's Everyday Hustle podcast!

To be called onto that show was major for me and to talk about psoriasis and my business was literally the cherry on top. Sharing our story about psoriasis and So Sona Skincare was surreal – like, pinch-me-I’m-dreaming surreal. It was an incredible platform to spread awareness and, let's be honest, show off my baby bump fashion!

Listen to the full episode here

2. A Little Miracle Transformation

Scalp psoriasis transformation

One of our youngest warriors, a sweet 5-year-old, faced the challenges of scalp psoriasis. Her journey was heart-wrenching, but guess what? Our Roots scalp and hair oil turned the tables!

You can see for yourself. Her mum was so relived and was so happy knowing her baby was happier. The transformation was nothing short of magical. Seeing her and her mom's relieved smiles was a moment that fuelled my entire year. (And maybe, just maybe, I shed a tear or two).

Find out more about Roots Hair & Scalp Oil

3. Get Ready With Me – Sona Style!

Inspired by the fabulous @tattylomas on TikTok, we launched our ‘Get Ready With Me’ series. Here’s the twist: I share YOUR stories while doing my makeup. It’s not just about psoriasis but about our battles, triumphs, and the skin we're in. Your stories have touched hearts, including mine. Keep sending them in, because each one is a gem!

Watch the latest episode on TikTok

4. Our Social Media Family

We hit over 2.5K followers on Instagram and TikTok! Why is this a highlight, you ask? Because every single one of you is an organic, real, beautiful soul who chose to join our journey. No bots, no gimmicks, just pure love and support. You guys are the real MVPs!

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5. TikTok Shops – We’re There Too!

Launching our products on TikTok Shops was like stepping into a new world. I mean, who knew you could do more than just watch endless cat videos there? (No offense to the cats, we love you). Our skincare line is now just a few clicks away from being part of your daily routine, thanks to TikTok!

6. The Cherry on Top – Baby Anveer!

Sona holding baby Anveer's feet

And the grand finale of 2023 – the arrival of my baby boy, Anveer! He’s almost 4 months old now and is already showing signs of being the next CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) of So Sona Skincare. Balancing motherhood and business is like juggling with one hand tied behind my back, but hey, who said life was easy?

There you have it – a year filled with milestones, smiles, and a few sleepless nights (courtesy of Anveer). From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for being part of this journey. Whether you've bought our products or just skimmed through this blog (I see you), your support means the world.

Here’s to 2024 – a year promising new launches, exciting news, and yes, more content (because we can’t stop, won’t stop)!

Cheers to 2024 full of new launches, exciting news and lots more content.

Sona Sohal

P.S. Stay fabulous and keep shining, because every one of you is a star in our So Sona sky!